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Mobile app development services for small business

Your own, personalised mobile app is now within your reach. From just $75/mth you can engage with your customers like never before. Integrate your product or service with social media, other software or even with other smart devices via the Internet of Things. Help your customers to share an experience, find their way or control their own world.

Our product range comes in two basic flavours:

Standard app development, a custom-built iOS/Android app which utilises on-device functionality like camera, microphone, navigation etc. from $1450


Enterprise app development, apps that require connection to servers and the security that requires e.g. social networking membership, cloud documentation etc. from $2950


Bespoke. User friendly. Powerful.

Join the mobile app revolution. 


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App Alliance is a boutique business, operating from its base in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne Australia.

It was born out of the desire of the founder Antony Mazonowicz, to utilize the amazing capabilities of the electronic device that so many of us are always carrying in our pockets and bags.

The business is founded on complete honesty and business integrity, we pride ourselves on delivering applications of the very highest quality and aim to build long lasting partnerships and relationships with those we work with.


Due to demand we are looking to hire an additional app programmer/coder. To express your interest please fill in the contact form below.