A short history of apps

In 2007 Apple computers released their first smart mobile phone, the iPhone. Since then over 1 billion have been sold around the world. One of the features of the iPhone was the ability to download and install applications or programs which utilised the electronic capabilities of the phone. These included geographic location, bluetooth, a camera and a touch sensitive screen.

These mobile apps were initially written by developers at Apple but soon Apple released the code and allowed access to registered developers who didn't work for Apple.

There are over 2 million mobile device apps in the app store as of 2016 and this number is growing every day.

As time as passed the content of the mobile device app has become more fun, powerful and easy to use. Large business has been quick to adopt these widely used devices for their own gain, increasing sales and customer engagement. Mobile devices and their functionality are becoming more and more accepted as robust business equipment. Stores, banks and service providers are able to trade efficiently, effectively and wirelessly like never before. One of the most powerful category of app is productivity, where mobile devices help get the everyday tasks done.

Small businesses are now wanting to have their own bite at the Apple!

Antony Mazonowicz