App ideas

Many of us have ideas for apps, that's probably why you're here. But what is the next step?

I recommend that the first thing you do is a search to see if the app already exists. 

If it does, all is not lost, does it do everything you want or need? Is it in a language or accent that is not ideal? Is it just poor quality, bug ridden for example. Are the graphics something that could put off your customers?

If this is so, make a list of the things missing or that you might change. Then give us a call. 

If you can't find the app in the App Store you might just be in the wrong category. Try googling your app idea and see what category others have used. 

While you are in the App Store try clicking on the 'Related' option to see similar apps or apps that people have downloaded.

Still not found it? Sounds like you might be on to something, how exciting, now give us a call! 

If you don't have an idea here are a few to get your creative juices flowing.

  • farmers' market finder

  • Customer profiling

  • Photo booth app

  • Coffee ordering

  • Hotel guest book

  • Where does it hurt? Medical assistant

  • Boxing training, air played to a big screen

  • Air BnB for pets

  • Generating graphs

  • Business goal setting

  • Hazard records on site

  • Business staff on boarding documents

  • Task prioritisation, traffic light method

  • Speech therapy

  • Social walking

  • Lost keys

  • Story telling

  • Class attendance

  • Treasure hunt

  • Car park space availability/reservation

  • Connect and control devices

  • Promotional game

  • Kid tracking, mapping

  • Restaurant operations

  • Kids quiz walks

  • Recipe database, what's for dinner

  • Crowd DJ for pubs clubs

  • iOS notes to Evernote tool

  • Solid edge tips, learning resources

  • Geo location Travel guide, scrapes Wikipedia

  • Builders' quote tool

  • Trainspotters companion

  • Personalised info

  • Biz Booking availability check

  • Professional communication, reporting tool, rating, special requests

  • Tinder meets real estate/car

  • Shopping list

  • Kid commando / agents

  • consignment logging by photo

  • project management, builders

  • Therapists, counsellor booking


Antony Mazonowicz