Focus on - Dentists

If you’re a dentist or have a business like a dentist you would greatly benefit from having an app for the following reasons.

  1. You want clients to be able to make bookings with you as quickly and easily and possible. Apps require very little data exchange which means a very fast searching and booking experience.

  2. Having an app can make you more memorable and credible. Give your clients another reason to refer your business to their friends.

  3. An app can increase a sense of security around doctor and patient interactions like messages and private information.

  4. An app can make it easier for clients to pay by managing smaller part payments or using loyalty schemes.

  5. An app allows you to easily send reminders of treatment or payments due, events or special offers.

  6. It allows for easy interaction with clients, for example, letting them inform you of their lateness for an appointment or if the surgery has had to close due to power cut.

Antony Mazonowicz