Get smarter with your sales process

You’ve probably seen on your favourite shopping or tv website a section which makes a suggestion for something similar to the product you’re currently looking at or for something that people like you have purchased recently.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article they highlighted the different ways businesses can innovate their sales processes to make more sales and reduce costs.

These suggestions are usually based on facts gleaned from the sales database the company has built over time. They collect data on purchasers and purchases and carefully analyse it for trends.

This process is really no more intrusive than your local shop owner recognising you as you walk in to their shop. They may well know what you usually buy, your age, where you live, your ethnicity and probably your financial status just by the way you look.

If the shop keeper uses this information properly he is going to be a lot more successful than the shop in the next street, especially if he smiles. 😊

So if you have a customer sales database that you’re not fully utilising give us a call and we’ll put it to work.

Antony Mazonowicz