How would my business benefit by having an app?

Our lives are becoming more and more connected thanks to technology, more and more of us are getting away from desks in offices and getting out and doing our work. The device we carry in our pocket or bag is incredibly powerful and can be used to get business done in so many exciting ways.

Here are some examples:

Engage with your customers wherever they are at a time that suits them. Strike up a conversation, debut your latest product, announce a special offer.

Talk! – have an app with all your staff contact details, their phone number (which includes TXTs), Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile. A great personal relationship with your customers is incredibly important.

Your customers can take pictures and send them to you – they can record visual information, report on the condition of something, show you something they want or is like what they want. Take video too! They can share their experience with you.

We are using mobile apps more and more of the time to get stuff done. Your app could link into them. Socially, financially, sharing data or for fun.

The customer can give you their exact location or follow directions to where you are. Useful for personal trainers who have to meet in public places. Track your guests, be ready for their arrival or help them when they get lost.

Instantly provide your customer with alternatives based on choices they make while they are in your store, studio or hotel.

Your customer can receive live updates if you change your location or appointment time if you or they get delayed in traffic. You can share your expected arrival time.

Your customer can easily and quickly log into a secure area and review information you send them.

Customers can fill in a form, formatted perfectly for their device. This could be a condition report or service feedback. Or they might order something from a list like room service.

They can receive information based on their location. If you have a large property, they can be given help or relevant details. A hotel for example can lead a guest to a nearby room which could be a bar or gym.

Keep your customers engaged and amused with a game or video, a serious story or something funny.

Your customer can pay you quickly and easily, many people keep their credit card details in their phone or can transfer money to you on the spot.

Your customer can control their environment, the things around them. It’s called the internet of things. Your app could control the electrical devices you build, lighting, heating, plant watering systems, alarm systems, the list is growing every day.

Antony Mazonowicz