Mobile apps vs mobile websites

I'm not going tell you that mobile websites are a waste of time because they're not BUT there are things that a mobile app has to offer that a mobile website cannot. And having said that, there are aspects of websites that trump apps.

Let's start with app functionality, for instance, notifications, discreet alarms that let an app owner communicate with their user allowing them to bring information like a piece of news or a special offer.

Sensors and radio antennas within the device form a significant advantage of apps over websites. For example BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) antennas allow handheld devices to interact directly with other devices in their near vicinity. This could be a home control like a light switch or an iBeacon in a shop, hotel or museum.

Mobile websites on the other hand do not require a download process, can be accessed from many devices and give the user a very broad experience.

So what we're saying is that both services have their place and can complement each other to enhance the mobile experience.


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Antony Mazonowicz